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 "Daimokuhyo_pro" application is an extended version of "Daimokuhyo" application. It is a target because of big goal achievement. A long period of time, the middle, and short period It can set up by dividing into three. or Three targets for a field to be different can also be set up.  "Daimokuhyo" application being an application which specialized in the Chant table. This "Daimokuhyo_pro" application should serve as a tool with which you can tackle with volition towards the big goal achievement further added to the Chant table. - - - Operation condition of application program - - -
- Adobe AIR is used. - At first, reading SWF may take time somewhat.- The reaction of a button may become blunt after returning from a timer tool or sleep. Then, please set between and carry out a tap once again.
- - - Operating manual and the main feature - - -
Refer to the "Daimokuhyo" application for basic operation. Here, the function and the feature which were newly added are explained.
- The big target is displayed in a list and it can set up three targets. If the tap of the "setting" button is carried out, it will become each setting screen.- "Accomplishment rate" and "Remaining period" are displayed by returning to a list screen after a setup. - "Motto" button is saved if the tap of the indicator and motto of life is filled in and carried out, and it can always be displayed.
- (Period) A display. Remaining period / Challenge period It became a fraction display. Below the decimal point of numerical computation becomes "omission." - It became operation in which "Entry" button and "Reading" button interchanged, and the present condition became intelligible. - The number of acquisition where the input box (it is 0 by the default) on the left-hand side of the "+" button was saved with the timer tool is displayed. The direct entry of the numerical value can also be carried out here. - If the tap of the "+" button is carried out, an additional numerical value will be reflected in the current price. When you check that the numerical value has been set to 0, please be sure to carry out the tap of the "Entry" button. If registered, "Reading" button will be replaced and the numerical column will become blank. Please carry out the tap of the "Reading" button further to change a setup here or carry out a direct entry. Again, the numerical column is set to 0 and replaces "Entry" button (it was in the entry standby state now).
- If the tap of the "Progress" button is carried out, a stop indication of the present percent complete will be given. A "title", "the challenge period by the present thing", a "completion rate", and the "remaining period" are displayed. By photographing the screen shot of "percent complete", we can make it the "certificate" at the time of achievement.
* How to photograph a screen shot ... If the home button and power button of a smart phone are pushed simultaneously, a shutter sound can carry out and it can photograph a screen shot.
- A multi-stage setup of the number of acquisition for 1 minute can be carried out below including a decimal point (when it is the number of Daimoku, 50-67 is considered to be good). - If the tap of the "Save" button is carried out, the number of acquisition is calculated automatically and save. If the tap of the "Info" button is carried out, it will return to a "setting" screen.